“POLYMICHANIKI CONSTRUCTIONS”  provides construction services presenting a very strong experience and expertise in every level of construction. We can guarantee that any project will be delivered in time meeting the most demanding specifications and requirements, in an environmentally friendly way. Your plans and designs will become reality with the most secure and easy way, giving your investment process the stability it needs. Construction is always one of the most important issues of a project and interacts with everything. This is why we can provide “turn key” solutions delivering each project to our client making sure that everything has been constructed and works as planed.


Worldwide services in construction, execution, operation and management of state
of  the art venues

Industrial Construction



Daycare institutions

Education facilities

Music and concert halls

Museums and exhibition buildings

Sports and leisure

Research and development centers

Office buildings and corporate headquarters



Worldwide commercial store chain

Near Zero Energy Consumption Buildings with low carbon footprint

Aqua Parks