“POLYMICHANIKI CONSTRUCTIONS” provides energy adequacy solutions in every scale, resolving continuously the optimization challenge of supplying energy demand, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way .Energy production and efficiency are our energy strategies foundation and our planning pillars, equally respected and highly estimated in all of our projects. We bring economics and environment together.

Polymichaniki Ltd is expanding its operations in the field of the production of electricity with renewable energy sources (solar) through its affiliates P1 Renewables Private Company and P2 Renewables Private Company.


Solar Energy

PV development projects (214MW)

PV projects EPC(5.5MW)

PV investments(7.2MW)

Hybrid systems solutions 

PV+Wind+Storage autonomous systems for remote areas and islands

Virtual Power Solutions and energy efficiency/management

Implementation in various retail chain stores and big energy consuming organisations

Green H2 development projects

Innovative solutions for massive production of Green Hydrogen at an extremely competitive cost (2.2 euro/Kg)

Waste 2 Energy

Production licence for 22MW electric and 38MW of thermal energy from waste

Wind Farms

Acquisition process of 3*3MW wind farms

Biofuel Algae systems

R&D and implementation of innovative algae development solution.

PV efficiency optimization

R&D and implementation of increasing the capacity factor of PV systems by 426%

Offshore Wind Farms

Design and assessments in cooperation with Scandinavian groups

Environmental services

Carbon Offsetting, REDD+, Climate change policies for countries, Green Funding, Green bonds